Creative Xym is creative

In addition to being fabulous at work and thesbianism, The Xym also does Other Creative Stuffs. Not only for himself, but on occasion is called upon to demonstrate his brilliance to assist others.

The creative output of The Xym
A celebration showcasing some of Xym's stupendous works!

Please be aware that some of the written works below are taken from my Blogger Obscura blog, and as such *may contain language deemed unsuitable or offensive*.  Where different from previous versions found elsewhere, these are the definitive, final works. All spelling 'errors' and formatting are deliberate, and intended for effect.

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My portfolio of artwork - see my website header above for a collage of some items. Alas, much has been deleted or lost over the years, but if I can find stuff, I'll add it here

Commissioned works

People are ever impressed with The Xym, and being impressed with various creatives, call him up and say "You're absolutely fantastic with designs and wordy stuff, can you do stuff for me too?". Sure I can!  So, here are some examples of stuff I've supplied for others 

  • Articles

  • Websites 

    • Jacquard Anthems (first website commission to overhaul and revamp the site)

    • Rebecca's Therapy (new commission, about to be embarked upon)

    • Xymon Owain personal website, that you are currently perusing


My Font Creation software expired, and I lost all bar 1 of my fonts :(  

Evil Dead - EvilDead.ttf

I based this on the text found in the Necronomicon Ex Mortiis, using the Sumerian glyphs for the numerics 

Tip: always write in lowercase, except use E for ee and S for ss.


The Xym writes theatre! I wroted several pieces, but can't remember them all. Almost all are lost to time, except Cinderladdin, of which I only have a paper copy at present. At some point, I'll get it into eFormat for your perusal

  • The Betrayal Of Isengard (a mini-play for two people)

  • Cinderladdin (a pantomime)

  • The legend of Sleepy Hollow (a musical)

  • Tales written

  • Tales planned, but yet to be written

    • Attack of the killer televisions and diverse other improbable assaultive appliances of an animatory menace

    • It II 

    • Shite of the living dead

    • Shite of the living dead II: Defacations of the dead

  • Tales written, but believed lost to time, or currently unable to get hold of

    • It II (first draft)

    • The shambler at dawn